Department of Anthropology

The Major

A major in Anthropology consists of a minimim of eight units (which may include courses from MIT's anthropology offerings), of which 104 and 301 are required and 300 strongly recommended. In addition, at least one methodology course is strongly suggested. We recommend QR 199 Introduction to Social Science Data Analysis.

Students may also elect other relevant statistics or calculus courses, depending on the particular need and interest of the student. Majors are encouraged to take other courses which have a cultural or multicultural focus, such as Cultural Psychology (PSYC 245).

Anthropology Department will require that in May of student senior year, every major in Anthropology - who is graduating - will submit to the Department of Anthropology a dossier of three significant works (e.g., final papers, PowerPoint presentations, and other class assignments) that have been written for three different courses that student thinks best demonstrate her accomplishments in meeting this goal. The student will also provide the Anthropology faculty with a short 1-2 page explanation as to why she chose these three specific significant works to achieve this stated goal of her discipline. Anthropology Department will make the compilation of this dossier a requirement for the major.


An Example of An Independent Study in Anthropology:

Cultures of Secrecy Podcasts - Jennifer Pawson `09
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