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Historical Images

Restoration of the 6-in and 12-in telescopes by John Richardson, mid-1980s

  • 12-in telescope, before restoration.
  • 12-in telescope mosaic
  • Jeff Regester
  • John Richardson, restorer of the telescopes.
  • Scott Birney, Observatory Director, is on the left.
  • 6-in telescope, before restoration.
  • 6-in telescope, after restoration.

Other Historical Images

  • Postcard of the Observatory, sometime between 1906 and 1915.
  • Postcard of the Observatory, dated between 1906 and 1910.
  • Painting of the Observatory, date and artist unknown.
  • Painting of Whitin Observatory
  • Fletcher
  • Total eclipse of the Sun. Drawn at Creston, Wyoming
  • E. L. Trouvelot
  • 1878 July 29
  • painting formerly in Whitin Observatory collection; suffered water damage
  • The aurora borealis
  • E. L. Trouvelot
  • drawn 1872 March 01
  • painting formerly in Whitin Obssrevatory collection; suffered water damage
  • Students with cross-staffs
  • Spring 1924
  • Students working. (Note painting by Trouvelot in corner.)
  • January 1917
  • Aerial photo of Wellesley College, date unknown
  • Whitin Observatory with moonrise, date unknown
  • Star trails over Green Tower
  • John C. Duncan
  • 1944 Oct 05
  • Star trails over Whitin Observatory, photographer and date unknown
  • Groundbreaking for the 24-in telescope dome. Margaret Sawyer, center.
  • 1966
  • First Light for the 24-in Sawyer telescope
  • One of the first photographs taken by the 24-in Sawyer telescope.

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