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Students and Alumnae

Current Majors and Minors

Class Year Program(s)
Lamiya Mowla 2013 astrophysics
Kerrin Arnold 2013 astronomy classical civilization
Lynn Geiger 2013 astronomy geosciences
Mariam Qazi 2013 astronomy political science

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Michaela Fendrock is president (2012-2013) of the ASTRO Club, a student organization which meets for recreational observing, astrophotography, and other activities. The e-mail contact for the ASTRO club is ASTROmail [at] firstclass [dot] wellesley [dot] edu.

developing astrophotos in the darkroom astrophotography session at Whitin astronomy students decorated a dome for Halloween

Careers for astronomy majors

Pamela Melroy '83, Wellesley's first astronaut

Approximately half of our majors go on to graduate school and work toward a Ph.D. in astronomy or astrophysics. Graduates who completed their doctorates have gone on to work at NASA and at institutions such as Cornell University, Williams College, and Harvard University.

Those who chose not to pursue advanced degrees in astronomy apply their skills in other ways, including operating telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory and working as research assistants at institutions such as the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Others enjoy success in computer science, law, business, education and the Peace Corps. Their science backgrounds enable them to achieve in unlimited capacities.

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For alumnae of the interdepartmental astrophysics program, also see the list of Physics alumnae.

class year program(s)
Annabelle Batista 2012 astrophysics
Deborah Tien 2012 astrophysics
Eleanor Byler 2011 astrophysics
Phuong Ngo 2011 astrophysics Japanese Lang. & Lit.
Allison Youngblood 2010 astrophysics
Kathryn Neugent 2010 astronomy computer science
Jaclyn Payne DS2010 astronomy
M. Claire Thoma 2010 astronomy french
Sowdamini Saraswati 2010 astronomy minor political science
Rebekah Dawson 2009 astrophysics
Molly Wasser 2009 Astronomy Minor Cinema and Media Studies
Sharon Kotz 2008 astrophysics
Talia Sepersky 2008 astrophysics
Amanda Zangari 2008 astrophysics
Billie Briones 2008 astronomy anthropology
Cody Squire 2008 astronomy
Jennifer Carne 2008 astronomy minor economics
Alessondra Springmann 2007 astrophysics
Kelly A. Wallenstein 2007 astrophysics
Kathleen E. Scorza 2007 astronomy minor history
Rachel A. Hock 2006 astrophysics
Rebecca Stoll 2006? astrophysics
Laura Faulkner 2006 astronomy minor american studies?
Elizabeth Lundin 2006 astronomy minor political science
Wendy P. Hawley 2005 astrophysics
Christine M. Simpson 2005 astronomy minor mathematics
Lesley L. Yen 2005 astronomy minor economics
Jennifer M. Huff 2004 astrophysics
Melissa Rice 2004 astrophysics
Chelsea L. Tiffany 2004 astrophysics
Emily C. Bowsher 2004 astronomy computer science
Morgan P. Carberry 2004 astronomy minor french
Bena W. Chang 2004 astronomy minor english
Sarah H. Lee 2004 astronomy minor english
Sarah M. Rettger 2004 astronomy minor latin american studies
Carolyn A. Schultz 2004 astronomy minor political science
Francesca D. d'Arcangelo 2003 astrophysics
Marjorie M. Frankel 2003 astrophysics
Rebecca K. Rosengard 2003 astronomy
Julia W. Felton 2003 astronomy minor psychology
Julia S. Levine 2003 astronomy minor english
Carolin N. Cardamone 2002 astronomy mathematics
Lindsay C. DeRemer 2002 astronomy geology
Tara A. Donner 2002 astronomy minor english
Jennifer M. Piscopo 2002 astronomy minor latin american studies
Gillian Curran 2001 astronomy
Kathryn A. Odiorne 2001 astronomy physics
Erika L. Reinfeld 2001 astronomy theatre studies
Franchesa C. Herrera 2001 astronomy minor political science
Kimberlee A. Williamson 2001 astronomy minor classical civilizations
Mie Yoshinaga 2001 astronomy minor art history
Alceste Z. Bonanos 2000 astronomy physics
Stacey B. Bubolz 2000 astronomy
Logan M. Hennessy 2000 astronomy
Demerese M. Salter 2000 astronomy physics
Carrie L. Ryan 2000 astronomy minor american studies
Monique Aller 1999 astronomy physics? ME/R studies?
Katerina B. Antypas 1999 astronomy physics
Kerrie Ann McKinstry 1999 astronomy physics
Lisa Noelani Reinker 1999 astronomy
Caitlin B. Augusta 1999 astronomy minor med/ren studies
Rebecca L. Harvell 1999 astronomy minor history
Rachel L. Oppenheim 1999 astronomy minor english
Sonya Rhee 1999 astronomy minor film and media studies
Kate R. Butler 1998 astronomy
Rebecca Danos 1998 Astrophysics (individual major)
Kathleen A. Sewall 1997 astronomy
Joellen G. Kusiowski 1997 astronomy minor anthropology
Katrin S. Hagemann 1996 astronomy physics
Alexandria Ware 1996 astronomy physics
Kristen G. Laudadio 1996 astronomy minor art history
Sarah A. Weisman 1996 astronomy minor history
Sarah W. Womack 1996 astronomy minor international relations
Catherine J. Sinnott 1995 astronomy
Deanne M. Taylor 1995 astronomy physics
Beth Sundheim 1995 astronomy minor russian
Kathleen M. Burke 1994 astronomy minor
Elaine J. Rigas 1994 astronomy minor history
Michelle F. Freddolino 1993 astronomy
Sara A. Maene 1993 astronomy physics
Jennifer L. Olson 1993 astronomy
Deborah L. Gelch 1993 astronomy minor art history
Jean Kiesow 1993 astronomy minor mathematics
Tamarleigh Grenfell 1993 Astronomy
Colleen McGhee 1993 Astronomy
Heidi L. Keefe 1992 astronomy spanish
Jennifer Rogers 1992 astronomy
Emily Mason 1992 Astronomy
Martina B. Arndt 1991 astronomy
Nancy Janet Chanover 1991 astronomy
Jennifer Lynn Hedden 1991 astronomy
Tara C. Woods 1991 astronomy physics
Mary Ann Clark 1990 astronomy
Nergis Mavalvala 1990 astronomy
Heather Paige Imboden 1990 astronomy minor architecture
Leyla Feride Yildiz 1990 astronomy minor
Misti McConahay 1990 Astronomy Minor japanese
Joanne Merrill Attridge 1989 astronomy
Kristin Adrienne Blais 1989 astronomy chinese
Suzanne Elaine Nelson San 1989 astronomy architecture
Rebecca Peyton Webb Easterby 1989 astronomy minor architecture
Lisa Engel 1989 Astronomy
Jeanne D. Troth 1988 astronomy minor mathematics
Delinda Goodwin 1988 Astronomy
Elisha Polomski 1988 Astronomy
Mary Elizabeth Ramsay Marchese 1988 Astronomy
Dana Rudolph 1988 Astronomy Med/Ren
Joan Flanagan 1987 Astronomy
Maragert McDuffie Chapman 1987 Astrophysics (individual major)
Amy Mossman 1987 Astronomy
Ana Canizares 1985 Astronomy Physics
Susan Greenawald 1985 Astronomy
Laura Lewis 1985 Astronomy Studio Art
Noreen Brown Mecklenborg 1985 Astronomy Physics
Sherene Aram 1984 Astronomy Physics
Patricia Henning 1984 Astronomy Physics
Jennifer Horton 1984 Astronomy
Karen Lasky Pappas 1984 Astronomy Physics
Elizabeth Burr 1983 Astronomy
Elizabeth McCormack 1983 Astronomy Physics
Pamela Melroy 1983 Astronomy Physics
Catherine White 1983 Astronomy Physics
Larrene Harada 1982 Astronomy Physics
Jennifer Bond Hickman 1982 Astronomy Physics
Ruth Chang 1981 Astronomy Physics
Mary Dussault 1981 Astronomy
Maryann Otter 1981 Astronomy
Elisabeth Street 1981 Astronomy American Studies
Kristin Thompson 1981 Astronomy
Ingrid Wysong 1981 Astronomy Physics
Deborah Crocker 1980 Astronomy Physics
Julie Morgan Rusch 1980 Astronomy
Hilary Wallace 1979 Astronomy
Alice Argon 1978 Astronomy
Catherine Leslie 1978 Astronomy History
Janie Phillips Schwab 1978 Astronomy Music
Beverly Kehoe 1977 Astronomy
Elizabeth Casabona Cronauer 1976 Astronomy
Donna MacLaskey Fahey 1976 Astronomy
Peggy O'Neal 1976 Astronomy
Patti Guida Twigg 1976 Astronomy Math
Pamela Chin 1975 Astronomy Physics
Pamela Owensby 1975 Astronomy
Barbara Capron 1974 Astronomy
Lola Eachus Chaisson 1974 Astronomy
Catherine Collard Dahl 1974 Astronomy
Susan Nygard Kronenberger 1974 Astronomy
Diane Grannan Patton 1974 Astronomy
Martha Haynes 1973 Astronomy Physics
Karen Stewart 1973 Astronomy
Faith Vilas 1973 Astronomy
Pamela Knight Wetherbee 1973 Astronomy
Margaret O'Rear Calcagni 1972 Astronomy
Linda Lucignani Crawford 1972 Astronomy
Karen Kwitter 1972 Astronomy Physics
Mary Shultes Lingel 1972 Astronomy
Anne Mitchell 1972 Astronomy
Debra Smith Pabst 1971 Astronomy
Cordelia Ubben Stroinigg 1971 Astronomy German
Carole Crane Finck 1970 Astronomy
Jocelyn Keene 1970 Astronomy
Marilyn Twomey Smith 1970 Astronomy
Judy Sterling Eckart 1969 Astronomy
Marian Bliss White 1969 Astronomy
Corinne Stowe Floyd 1968 Astronomy
Nan Hamilton 1968 Astronomy
Margaret Rinse Grove 1967 Astronomy
Frances McConnell Mower 1967 Astronomy
Theodora Hoe Reynolds 1967 Astronomy
Nancy Remage Evans 1966 Astronomy
Sally Wickham Stemwedel 1966 Astronomy Math
Barbara Butterworth 1965 Astronomy
Doris Austin Price 1965 Astronomy
Donna Weistrop 1965 Astronomy
Jean Deupree 1964 Astronomy
Sally Heap 1964 Astronomy
Helen Stout Sievers 1964 Astronomy
Martha Safford Hanner 1963 Astronomy
Mary Drugan 1962 Astronomy
Marguerite Camusso Ross 1961 Astronomy
Meredith Baldwin Weddle 1961 Astronomy Political Science
Barbara Welther 1961 Astronomy
Sally Amundson Bradford 1960 Astronomy
Andrea Kundsin Dupree 1960 Astronomy
Rosemary Farren Gauthier 1960 Astronomy
Judith Loxley Lyte 1960 Astronomy
Anne Pyne Cowley 1959 Astronomy
Patricia Bock Rupprecht 1959 Astronomy
Gail Finkel Calder 1958 Astronomy
Anne Taylor Cannon 1958 Astronomy
Marion Talbot Lilley 1958 Astronomy
Sylvia Thayer 1958 Astronomy XBIB
Winifred Jess Tierney 1957 Astronomy
Jennifer Bain Pirtle 1957 Astronomy
Ann Forger Homsy 1956 Astronomy
Nancy Snyder McCumber 1956 Astronomy
Cynthia Stephens 1956 Astronomy
Julie Hinds Wright 1956 Astronomy
Nancy Weber Boggess 1949 Astronomy
Jane Gillson Langton 1944 Astronomy
Martha Stahr Carpenter 1941 Astronomy
Marion Wolff Caveny 1937 Astronomy
Mildred Burnes Chase 1936 Astronomy