The Chemical Synapse
Cornell University

Wellesley College

Modeling Parkinson's Disease
Davidson College

The Neuron Connection
Created by: Julio Ramirez, Bruce Johnson and Carol Ann Paul

Maintained by: Carol Ann Paul
Date Created: July 1, 2004
Image by: Dr.Varda Lev-Ram Dept. Pharm. UCSD

Supported by NSF DUE-0231019

The Neuron Connection is a resource that is available on line to all Neuroscience instructors and students. It contains tested labs that span the breadth of the discipline from cells to behavior, and also the depth of the field from community college to first year graduate school level. In addition, simulated experiments and guided simulation tutorials are included which should be valuable for students at institutions where class size, equipment costs and requirements for technical assistance make real laboratories impractical or unaffordable.