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Welcome to the Genetics Course (BISC219) and to our course website.

This site is intended to provide you with plenty of electronic resources that will complement the material covered in lectures and in the laboratories of our Genetics course. Please feel free to browse around and experiment with the site, use the problem sets as extra check-ups and work with the explanations in the answer keys (problem sets are available only from computers in the Wellesley College campus). Also explore the laboratory manual and the exciting Genetics in the News section where we will do our best to post the latest genetic discoveries. We welcome any input and suggestions to improve the site.

The course will cover a broad array of topics in all their fascinating depth. The lectures as well as the laboratory in the course provide excellent opportunities to enhance scientific writing and experimental skills that will be relevant beyond your undergraduate years.

Welcome again and we hope you are as excited as we are to take on this challenge.

Please see the list of topics (.doc) covered in the course.

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Genetics in the News

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