Red-winged Blackbird
agelaius phoeniceus
Order: passeriformes
Family: icteridae

* Male black with scarlet "shoulders" bordered with white or buff.
* Female has brownish-black head, back, and underparts with light streaks.
* Body and Tail Length: "

Natural History:
* Habitat: marshlands
* Range: North America.
* Voice: a sistinctive "konkeree ".
* Behavior: diet largely insects. Builds nest in marshland by weaving plant materials together to form a basket. Lays 3-5 pale blue eggs streaked with black or purple. During breeding season male selects a site and defends it against other males. Female accepts a site and the male with it.
* Native.

* The Red-winged Blackbird's "konkeree" call is one of the best known signs of spring.



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