Suborder Zygoptera
Family Lestidae
Family Calopterygidae
Family Coenagrionidae

* Long, slender abdomen. Damselflies swim by undulating their bodies.
* Spread-winged damselflies (Family Lestidae) have narrow, clear wings that are stalked at the base and held spread over the body when the fly is at rest.
* Broad-winged damselflies (Family Calopterygidae) have broader wings, black or with with blackish markings, that are narrowed at the base. When the fly is resting, the wings are held together over the body.
* Narrow-winged damselflies (Family Coenagrionidae) have narrow, clear, stalked wings like spread-winged damselflies, but the wings at rest are held together over the body.
* Body length: 1 1/4-2".

Natural History:
* Habitat: Along streams, in swamps and ponds.
* Range: Throughout North America and much of the world.
* Behavior: Damselfly larvae are called nymphs, and they can be found in the spring under rocks in streams and slow-moving rivers. Damselflies are carnivores.

* Unlike many insects, damselflies cannot fold their wings to their sides when at rest; the wings either stay spread out or are held above the body. They breathe by means of three paddle-shaped gills which protrude from the end of the abdomen.


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