Suborder Anisoptera

* Stout-bodied, brightly colored, with large compound eyes and chewing mouth parts.
* Two pairs of elongate, membranous, many-veined wings that always remain outstretched. Patterns of wing venation distinguish between species and families.
* Body length: 1-3 1/2".

Natural History:
* Habitat: Near water; in swamps, bogs, lakes, and ponds.
* Range: Throughout the world.
* Behavior: Dragonflies are strong fliers; they can fly up to several miles. During the spring, they can often be seen flying in tandem, in mating position. The male flies above the female, grasping the back of her head with his legs.

* Dragonflies can see in color. In fact, their prominent compound eyes have inspired an optical toy called "The Dragonfly," which is a multiprism dioptric lens that will produce 24 images of any object viewed. It is produced by Van Cort Institutes in Northampton, Massachusetts.



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