Girdled Panaeolus
Panaeolus subalteatus
Subdivision Basidiomycotina
Order Agaricales
Family Coprinaceae

* Cap tawny, broadly conical to flat, smooth or roughened, with a dark ring around the margin, 1 1/4-2".
* Gills brown to blackish, mottled, attached, spore print blackish.
* Stalk reddish-brown, covered with whitish hairs.
* Height: 1 5/8-4".

Natural History:
* Season: June - July.
* Habitat: On dung or manured soil, sometimes in gardens and lawns, scattered to numerous.
* Range: Throughout North America.
* Native.

* The girdled panaeolus is hallucinogenic; but STAY AWAY from it and other mushrooms, unless you are a professional mycologist! Many mushrooms are edible, but they are often nearly identical to poisonous species. Even mushroom experts have died from picking the wrong enjoy their friendly appearance on the lawn and let them be.


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