American Mountain Ash
Pyrus americana
Family Rosaceae

* Large shrub or small tree.
* Leaves compound, narrow and toothed, with 11-17 leaflets.
* Leaf size: Size: 6-9".
* Leaves, twigs, and bud hairless.
* Flower small and white, in large clusters.
* Fruit a small, bright red berry, 1/4" in diameter.
* Buds red and gummy.
* Height: 20-40'.

Natural History:
* Flowers May - June.
* Fruits in August.
* Habitat: Open and rocky areas, all elevations.
* Range: Northeastern United States and Canada.
* Native.

* Although ash berries are inedible to humans, they are a favorite of birds such as ruffed and sharptail grouse, and ptarmigan, and mammals such fisher and marten. Deer and moose eat the twigs.

* The bottom photo shows a mountain ash cultivar, Green Mountain Ash, with its brightly colored fruit. Look for a specimen of this tree in front of Wellesley College's Science Center.


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