Bigtooth Aspen
Populus grandidentata
Family Salicaceae

* Leaves dark green, with 5-15 pair of slightly rounded teeth, whitish woolly beneath, on flattened stalks, 2-6".
* Twigs hairless or silky gray.
* Bark smooth, yellow-green.
* Fruits elongated catkins.
* Height: 30-40'.

Natural History:
* Habitat: Dry soils and burned areas.
* Range: Southeastern Canada, northeastern and north-central United States.
* Native.

* "The very close-grained, soft, light wood is, uniquely in the tribe of Poplars, occasionally beautiful... When finished in 'natural' or in slightly brownish tones, paneling of feather-crotch Aspen wood is sought out by department stores as the perfect background for displaying fine feminine apparel."
-Donald Culross Peattie, in "A Natural History of Trees, 1950


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