Rhododendron roseum
Rhododendron nudiflorum
Rhododendron calendulaceum

Family Ericaceae

* Flowers pink, white (roseum, nudiflorum), or orange (calendulaceum), base of petals forming a tube.
* Stamens protrude from flowers.
* Leaves evergreen, narrow or wide. Undersides of leaves ofRoseum and calendulaceum are woolly.
* Height: To 10'.

Natural History:
* Flowers in May or June.
* Habitat: Rocky slopes and woods.
* Range: Northeastern United States.
* Native to Japan.

* Azaleas are native to Japan, and their graceful, distinctive blossoms and petals have been depicted by Japanese artists for centuries.

* The common name for Rhododendron nudiflorum is Pink Azalea. In New Hampshire, it was also called 'Election Pink,' because "in bloom at the old-time election, when the governor took his seat in June."
-Sylvanus Hayward, 1891

* Massachusetts residents called nudiflorum'Swamp-Apple,' because of an edible fungus that grows on the plant.

* The three photos at the right show some of the varieties of azaleas found on Wellesley's campus.


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