Canada Mayflower,
Wild Lily-of-

Maianthemum canadense
Family Liliaceae

* Flower white, small, with 4 petals, in foam-like clusters.
* Fruit a speckled, red berry.
* Leaves heart-shaped, shiny, with parallel veins, 2-3 on a plant.
* Height: To 6".

Natural History:
* Flowers in May - June.
* Fruits in July - August.
* Habitat: Woods, various elevations. Grassy places in alpine zones.
* Range: Northeastern United States, southeastern Canada.
* Native.

* Maianthemum canadense is literally "Canada Mayflower" in Latin; the root anthemum is also found in "anther," referring to the part of the flower that holds pollen. The flower can be found growing large, dense beds, which have a very pleasant fragrance when the flowers are in bloom.

* Other names for the Canada Mayflower are "bead ruby," which refers to the red, round fruits, and "foam flower." The fruits are pictured in the second photo at right.

* We all know of the Mayflower, the legendary ship of the Pilgrims. It wasn't named after Maianthemum, however, because this flower was discovered first in Canada.



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