Clintonia borealis
Family Liliaceae

* Flowers with 6 petals, in groups of 2-8 at the top of the stem.
* Leaves shiny, with parallel veins. 2-4 at base of plant.
* Fruit a blue berry; each plant produces one to five fruits.
* Height: Up to 1'.

Natural History:
* Flowers May in lowland, June - August at higher elevations.
* Habitat: Moist woodlands, open slopes, alpine meadows.
* Range: Canada, northern United States.
* Native.

* Massachusetts residents have called Clintonia the Dragoness Plant and Heal-All.

* Clintonia was named after De Witt Clinton, who was mayor of New York City in 1803, and the Presidential candidate for the Peace Party in 1812. He lost to James Madison, but was later responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal and several books on natural history.

* The top photo at right shows Clintonia's fruit, and the bottom photo shows an unopened flower.


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