Coreopsis lanceolata
Family Asteraceae

* Flowers yellow, composite, with 8 petals. Rays on the circumference of the flower have 4 deep lobes at their outer edges.
* Leaves either lance-shaped or with 2 basal prongs.
* Height: 1-2'.

Natural History:
* Flowers May - August
* Habitat: Poor soil, dry sandy areas, roadsides.
* Range: North-central United States.
* Escaped from cultivation in the northeastern United States.

* Other names for Coreopsis include Calliopsis, Lady's Breast-Pin, and Old-Maid's-Breast-Pin.

* Tickseed seeds are equipped with burs that stick to passing people and animals, therefore dispersing. Such accidental dispersions are a growing problem globally, as the plants often grow aggressively and crowd out native species. Also, as invading plants often do not have the nutrients of the native species, plant-dependent animals are hurt by the introduction of alien species.


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