Swamp Dogwood
Cornus amomum
Family Cornaceae

* Leaves broadly egg-shaped, with rounded bases and 3-5 pairs of veins, 2-4" long. Leaves roll up when dead.
* Twigs purplish to maroon, silky, with silky hairs on branch tips as well. Many stems join at one common point.
* Berries dark blue, in umbrella-shaped clusters.
* Flowers white or whitish, also in umbrella-shaped clusters.
* Height: To 10'.

Natural History:
* Flowers June - July.
* Fruits August - October.
* Habitat: Open areas near water.
* Range: Southern New England to Georgia, west to Alabama.
* Native.

* Swamp dogwood has also been called Kinnikinnik by Midwestern Indian tribes. The name refers to a mixture of tobacco and bearberry leaves and swamp dogwood bark, that members of those tribes smoked.


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