Golden Rain Tree
Koelreuteria paniculata
Family Sapindaceae

* Leaves alternate compound, 6-18" long, with 7-15 leaflets. Leaflets ovate-oblong, serrated, turning yellow in autumn, 1-4" long.
* Bark light gray brown, ridged and furrowed.
* Flowers yellow, on a 12-15" long panicle, very showy.
* Fruit a papery 3-valved capsule.
* Height: 30-40'.

Natural History:
* Flowers in early summer.
* Fruits August - October.
* Habitat: Cultivated as an ornamental plant in the United States; tolerates a wide range of conditions.
* Range: In the U.S., wherever planted.
* Native to China, Japan, and Korea.

* The golden rain tree is one of a very small number of yellow flowering trees, and anyone who sees it in blossom will immediately understand the tree's name. At Wellesley, look for it as the class tree of the Class of 1977, in the meadow between Dower and Route 16.

* In China, the golden rain tree is used medicinally, and necklaces are made from the seeds.


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