Wild Grape
Vitis spp.
Family Vitaceae

* Leaves toothed, heart-shaped, often lobed, alternate, 2-9".
* Stems thornless, dark, sometimes hairy.
* Tendrils spaced between leaves on stem, curling around other plants and other supports.
* Bark shreddy, peeling off in thin strips.
* Fruits spherical, amber, purple, or black, sometimes shining, sometimes sweet, hanging in clusters, 1/8-1".
* Flowers green.
* Height: The vine climbs to varying heights.

Natural History:
* Flowers May - July.
* Fruits July - October.
* Habitat: Varies by species;streambanks, sandy soils, dry woods, or thickets.
* Range: Throughout the United States.
* Native.

* Wild grapes are eaten by humans in jelly, wines, and preserves, and the leaves are used to wrap rice and meat mixtures. More than 100 species of songbirds also prize the grapes and use the thin, peeling bark in their nests. Other animals that eat wild grapes are mourning doves, striped skunks, opossums, and prairie chickens. Grape seeds are dispersed by animals.


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