Canadian Hawkweed
Hieracium canadense
Family Asteraceae

* Flowers yellow, composite, branching from the top of the stalk, 1" across.
* Leaves sessile, toothed, opposite, ascending stalk.
* Height: 2-5'.

Natural History:
* Flowers July - September.
* Habitat: Forest edges, thickets.
* Range: Throughout Canada and the northeastern United States.
* Native.

* Although Canadian hawkweed is native to North America, other types of hawkweed were known and used by classical civilizations. The Greek physician and philosopher Dioscorides wrote of hawkweed: "Saturn owns it. Hawkweed is cooling, somewhat drying and binding, and good for the heat of the stomach...A scruple of the dried root given in wine and vinegar is profitable for dropsy...The green leaves, bruised and with a little salt, applied to any place burnt with fire before blisters arise, help them."



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