Orange Hawkweed
Hieracium aurentiacum
Family Asteraceae

* Rays numerous, deep red-orange with a golden center, square-tipped. Flowers 1/2-1".
* Stem and leaves hairy, leaves forming a rosette at the base of the plant.
* Height: 8-24".

Natural History:
* Flowers June - September.
* Habitat: Roadsides, meadows.
* Range: Eastern United States and southeastern Canada.
* Introduced from Europe.

* Orange hawkweed is also called the "Devil's Paintbrush" or the "Indian Paintbrush."

* In Maine, orange hawkweed was once called Burmah Weed or Missionary Weed, since its appearance in that area came shortly after the return of a missionary who had been converting natives of Burma.

* "The stalkes and cups of the floures are all set thicke with a blackish downe or hairinesse as it were the dust of coles."
-John Gerard, 1633



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