Ptelea trifoliata
Family Rutaceae

* Leaves compound, with 3 parts, often hairless but sometimes hairy beneath.
* Leaflets smooth, short-stalked, 4-10".
* Twigs brown, round, buds hairy and hidden by the leaf stalk in summer.
* Trunk bark smooth, pale, with shallow grooves.
* Flower greenish, small, clustered.
* Fruits flat, circular, papery.
* Height: 10-20".

Natural History:
* Flowers May - July.
* Fruits September - spring.
* Habitat: Forests.
* Range: Southeastern Canada, eastern and central United States.
* Native.

* The root of the hoptree is aromatic, with a bitter and pungent taste. It has been used to cure dyspepsia and for promoting the appetite.

* Other names for the hoptree include Wafer Ash, Pickaway Anise, and Quininetree.

* The bottom photo shows the hoptree's papery fruits.


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