Yellow Iris
Iris pseudacorus
Family Iridaceae

* Flowers yellow, two large downturned sepals surround the true flower.
* Long, flat, swordlike leaves, with parallel veins.
* Height: 1-3'.

Natural History:
* Flowers May - July.
* Habitat: Sunny patches in marshes and next to streams.
* Range: Throughout the United States.
* Introduced as a garden plant from Europe, the yellow iris has escaped from cultivation and is now widely established.

* "The root of the common Floure-de-luce cleance washed, and stamped with a few drops of Rose-water, and laid plaisterwise upone the face of a man or woman, doth in two dayes at the most take away the blacknesse or blewnesse of any stroke or bruse."
- John Gerard, 1633

* "The fresh roots of the yellow water flag [Yellow Iris] have been mixed with food of swine bitten by a mad dog, and they escaped the disease, when others, bitten by the same dog, died raving mad."
- Manasseh Cutler, 1785


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