Little-Leaf Linden
Tilia cordata
Family Tiliaceae

* Leaves heart-shaped, finely toothed, dark green, with uneven bases, 2-5" long.
* Flowers yellow-green, fragrant, in clusters.
* Fruits small nutlets, hanging on long stems beneath large, leafy wings.
* Bark dark, with shallow vertical grooves.
* Height: 60-70'.

Natural History:
* Flowers June - August.
* Fruits August - October.
* Habitat: Moist woods, often planted as an ornamental tree.
* Range: Naturalized in southeastern Canada and the eastern United States.
* Introduced from Europe.

* The Little-Leaf Linden has been planted as a shade tree since ancient times. In Europe much more than in the United States, it is often pruned into hedges. The tree's wood, which is not too hard or too soft and has an even grain, is preferred by woodcarvers. Also, the flowers produce a great deal of nectar which is harvested by honeybees.

* Insects love the sweet, honey-flavored nectar of linden flowers. The beetle pictured at right is enjoying a treat.


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