Red Pine
Pinus resinosa
Family Pinaceae

* Needles in pairs, unlike white pine, which has needles in groups of 5.
3-8" long.
* Bark plates reddish.
* Cones 1 1/2-2 1/2" long, with thornless scales.
* Height: 50-80'.

Natural History:
* Habitat: Dry soils.
* Range: Southern Canada to New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
* Native.

* The red pine is native only to North America. It is used extensively in reforestation. Pine plantations, however, support far fewer species of wildlife than mixed coniferous/ deciduous forests.

* Red pine is often called Norway pine, and this name comes from pre-colonial times, when English explorers confused the tree with Norway spruce. Red and white pine often grow together.

* Like white pine, red pine was often used in ship masts. The British Navy was buying trunks from North America as late as 1875.


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