Scots Pine
Pinus sylvestris
Family Pinaceae

* Needles blue-green, short-pointed, 1-3".
* Bark orange near top of tree; peeling in papery flakes. Lower on trunk, bark is gray to red-brown, forming longitudinal scaly plates.
* Cones in groups of 2-3, gray, 1 1/2-3".
* Height: 30-60'.

Natural History:
* Habitat: Forest settings with full sun and well-drained soil.
* Naturalized range: Southern Canada and northeastern United States.
* Introduced from Europe, but naturalized in New England.

* The Scots pine has spread from Norway and Scotland to Spain, and it is also native to western Asia and northeastern Siberia.

* Scots pines are the most popular Christmas trees; their graceful, symmetrical shape occupies the place of honor of millions of homes each December. They are also considered one of the most picturesque pine trees.


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