Purple Twisted-Stalk
Streptopus roseus
Family Liliaceae

* Flowers bell-shaped, hanging, light purple with 6 recurved petals.
* Fruit a red berry.
* Leaves have no stalks; they grow directly from the zigzag stem.
* Height: 2-3'.

Natural History:
* Flowers May - July.
* Habitat: Deciduous forests, low elevations. Moist alpine meadows.
* Range: Canada, northeastern United States.
* Native.

* Purple Twisted-Stalk is also called Scootberry. Why? Read on...

* "Streptopus roseus I learned to call Scootberry long before I understood why it was so called. The sweetish berries were quite eagerly eaten by boys, always acting as a physic, and as the diarrhea was locally called 'the scoots,' the plant at once received the name."
-Sylvanus Hayward, 1891


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