Black Raspberry
Rubus occidentalis
Family Rosaceae

* Leaves fan compound, 5 leaflets. 2-8".
* Berries black, compound, flowers white.
* Canes (branches) to 12', whitened,tips may root in the ground.
* Stems thorned.
* Height: To 6'.

Natural History:
* Flowers June - September.
* Fruits August - October.
* Habitat: Tree fall gaps in forests, disturbed sites such as road verges, constructions sites, abandoned farm fields, forest edges, burned areas, edges of trails.
* Range: Quebec and Minnesota south.
* Native.

* Black raspberry seeds can remain dormant for several years, germinating when a disturbance has created a sunny place for them to live.

* Black raspberries are eaten by over 150 animal species; nearly all game birds and big game animals in North America enjoy the sweet berries.

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