Erigeron pulchellus
Family Asteraceae

* Flowers with many narrow, ray-like petals, 1-1 1/2", pale purple to pink.
* 1-6 flowers at the end of the stalk.
* Leaves broad, wide-toothed.
* Leaves and stalk soft-hairy.
* Height: 6-16".

Natural History:
* Flowers April - June.
* Habitat: Open woods and fields.
* Range: Eastern United States.
* Native.

* The genus name Erigeron means 'early old man', with eri, early, and geron, old man. The Greek Dioscorides wrote that this was "because the flowers in spring turn grey like hair." Of course, the ancient Greeks were not aware of the native North American species of Erigeron.

* "The herb burned where flies, gnats, fleas, or any venomous things are, doth drive them away."
-John Gerard, 1633


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