Mountain Sandwort,
Greenland Sandwort

Arenaria groenlandica
Family Caryophyllaceae

* Flowers white, with 5 petals, 1/2" across.
* Leaves opposite, narrow, about 1/4" long.
* Plant low and tufted, often forming mats.
* Height: To 6".

Natural History:
* Flowers June - August.
* Habitat: Ledges, bare mountain summits at medium elevations, and in the alpine zone in Greenland.
* Range: Northeastern United States and Canada.
* Native.

* Mountain sandwort is one of the few alpine plants that remains in bloom throughout the summer. It is a delicate and beautiful sight, welcome to hikers as they reach the summit of northern mountains. Like most alpine vegetation, it is very fragile, and can be damaged by the exuberant stomp of a hiker's boot. Watch out for this little flower!


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