Cotinus coggygria
Family Anacardiaceae

* Leavse roughly oval-shaped, alternate, 1 1/2-3 1/2".
* Hairs are the smokebush's most distinctive feature, creating a smoke-like effect.
* Flowers small, not often noticed.
* Fruit 1/4", kidney shaped.
* Height: 10-15'.

Natural History:
* Hairs change color between June and September.
* Habitat: Grown for decorative purposes.
* Alien. Native to southern Europe, central China, and the Himalayas.

* The smokebush was first cultivated in 1656. Since it is insect and disease free, it makes an excellent and dramatic addition to any landscape.

* The smokebush's introduction to the United States was probably linked to the extensive trade in China in the 19th century.


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