Oxalis stricta
Family Oxalidaceae

* Leaflets delicate, heart-shaped, resembling clover.
* Flower light yellow to reddish.
* Seed pods erect, bent stalks which form a right angle.
* Height: 6-15".

Natural History:
* Flowers May - October.
* Habitat: Dry soils, roadsides, meadows.
* Range: Eastern United States.
* Native, also found in Europe and Asia.

* Other names that Massachusetts residents have given yellow wood-sorrel include Indian-Sorrel, Lady's-Sorrel, and Sheep's-Clover.

* During the reign of Henry VIII, wood-sorrel was used as an herb and in salads. Taste a fresh green leaf for a burst of flavor!

* Notice the seed pods in the bottom photo at the right.


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