Red Trillium
Trillium erectum
Family Liliaceae

* Flower large, single, dark red, with 3 petals ('Trillium' comes from the Latin word for 'three')
* Flower has an unpleasant odor, described by some as "wet dog."
* Leaves in a whorl, at top of stem and parallel to the ground.
* Height: To 1'.

Natural History:
* Flowers in late April and May.
* Habitat: Deciduous forests, low to middle elevation.
* Range: Northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.
* Native.

* Red Trillium has been called Bathroot in Massachusetts, and Stinking Benjamin nearly everywhere it's found (maybe some long-gone dog named Benjamin had a very trillium-like odor when wet).

* Although Red Trillium's scent repels humans, and smelling it too close has been known to cause a nosebleed, insects are attracted to the flower.


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