Northern White Violet
Viola pallens
Family Violaceae

* Flower has 5 white petals; the lower ones are veined.
* Leaves bluntly heart-shaped or nearly round.
* Seed capsule green.
* Leaves and flowers on separate stalks.
* Height: 1-5".

Natural History:
* Flowers April - July.
* Habitat: Wet woods and clearings.
* Range: Across Canada and northern United States.
* Native.

* The leaves and flowers of violets are edible, delicious, and healthy. They contain three times as much Vitamin C as an equal portion of oranges, plus significant amounts of Vitamin A.

* The flowers can be made into jelly, or placed in salads and on top of cakes for a beautiful garnish.

* Believe it or not, violets are very politically symbolic...the violet is the state flower of New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.


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