Spotted Wintergreen
Chimaphila maculata
Family Pyrolaceae

* Leaves broad, tapering, deeply toothed, with a variegated whitish pattern on midribs, 1-3". Arranged in whorls on stem.
* Flowers waxy white or pink, nodding.
* Fruits red, dry capsules.
* Height: 4-10".

Natural History:
* Flowers June - August.
* Habitat: Forest floors.
* Range: Michigan, Ontario, Maine south.
* Native.

* "This plant is in high esteem for its medicinal qualities among the natives; they call it Sip-si-sewa. I have myself been witness of a successful cure made y a decoction of this plant, in a very severe case of hysteria. It is a plant eminently deserving the attentions of physicians."
-Frederick Pursh, 1814


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