Oral Presentations


Talks should be about 15 minutes long, to be presented during Wednesday discussion period. You may do it alone or with others. Come see me a week before you are scheduled, so we may go over your presentation.


Subject: There are two requirements 1) the topic is biochemical, that is, it involves molecules and living things. 2) You care about the topic. I belief that if you truly care about something, and follow your heart, you will be motivated to explore, investigate and understand the subject; and that it will be a pleasure to share what you understand with the class. For example, in past years a student who scuba dives did a report on nitrogen narcosis, another talked about hallucinogens she encountered in the Netherlands, a student from Fiji focused on a psychoactive drug used by Islanders, students with ADD, celiac sprue, bulimia, and severe acne have explored their disorders and treatments. There doesn't need to be a personal connection, perhaps you have a curiosity about how LSD or ritalin works. The Science Library reference librarian, Meghan Gamsby, will come to class to explain how she can help get you started in your research.  The Useful Links page in  our class site will also be helpful. The format of the presentation is of your choosing.

Evaluation: Will be based on your understanding of the material, your ability to communicate this understanding to the class, and your enthusiasm.