Drug War News


With Force, Mexican Drug Cartels Get Their Way

U.S. Is Arms Bazaar for Mexican Cartels

U.S. Moves Against Top Mexican Drug Cartel

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Latin Americans Decry U.S. Drug War
Former presidents propose to decriminalize marijuana

Drug Tie Seen to Protests in Mexico

Truck going over ramp

For Mexican Cartels, Border Proves No Great Obstacle

Drug War Across a River

Mexico Drug War Causes Wild West Blood Bath

Drug Massacre Leaves a Mexican Town Terrorized

Mexico’s War Against Drugs Kills Its Police

Mexico: 7 Federal Police Officers Killed in Shootout With Drug Cartel

Border Agents, Lured by the Other Side

Mexican Army

Deadly Bomb in Mexico Was Meant for the Police

Mexico Hits Drug Gangs With Full Fury of War

Mexican Forces Clash With Drug Cartel Gunmen in Tijuana

3 Americans Arrested in Drug Gang Battle With Mexican Police

Mexican Army Seizes Guns From Police

Mexican Army
police in mexico



Taliban make $100 million from poppies

Reports Find Racial Gap in Drug Arrests

Mayor Atlanta

Ex-Mayor of Atlanta Enrolled in Prison Drug Program After Denial of a Problem


Schedule I

A) The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
(B) The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
(C) There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

U.S. Is Sued Over Position on Marijuana



Killing Highlights Risk of Selling Marijuana, Even Legally

Dying Woman Loses Appeal on Marijuana as Medication


Accused of Drug Dealing 4 Salvadoran Congressmen Killed by Guatemalan Police Officers Who are Then Killed, Top Officials Resign

Development of a rational scale to assess the harm of drugs of potential misuse


cbc summary



Afghan fire fight in poppy field



F.D.A. Dismisses Medical Benefit From Marijuana

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Heads of 2 officers found in Acapulco


As Liquor Business Booms, Bootleggers Risk the Lash


U.S. Citizen Stabbed to Death in Mexican Trafficking City (Nuevo Laredo)

Mexico Pledges to Extradite Drug Traffickers to the U.S


Prisoner Of Pain

Party of Pain

Sex, Lies and OxyContin

Another Year of Drug War, and the Poppy Crop Flourishes

Officials Find Drug Tunnel With Surprising Amenities

Drug Traffickers Find Haven in Shadows of Indian Country

Dizzying Rise and Abrupt Fall for a Reservation Drug Dealer

Potent Mexican Meth   Floods In as States Curb Domestic Variety


Heroin Implants Turned Puppies Into Drug Mules

Corruption Hampers Mexican Police in Border Drug War

MATAMOROS, Mexico - A crooked cop is the oldest story in the book in Mexico. But this country has been forced to re-examine its police as it struggles against a devastating crime wave that in the last six months has taken more than 600 lives.

"What would you say if a drug trafficker came to you and said: 'Help me and live. Do not help me, and die?' "


Anti-Drug Gains in Colombia Don't Reduce Flow to U.S.

Officials have eradicated a million acres of coca plants, yet cocaine remains as available as ever in the U.S.

Ammo Seized in Colombia; 2 G.I. Suspects Are Arrested, Following Arrest of 5 G.I.'s for Cocaine Smuggling

Colombia Yields 2 Accused Soldiers to U.S.


U.S. Agents Arrest Alleged Afghan Drug Kingpin


Afghans Accuse U.S. of Secret Spraying to Kill Poppies

Pentagon Sees Aggressive Antidrug Effort in Afghanistan




Worldwide Anti-Tobacco Treaty Takes Effect




Sobriety Tests Are Becoming Part of the School Day




Violent New Front in Drug War Opens on the Canadian Border



Founder of Peru's AeroContinente Is Accused of Building Airline on Drugs


Texas Killings Laid to Growth of Drug War


Prostate Cancer Vaccine (Provenge) Shows Promise in a Trial



Mexico Says Drug Cartel Had Spy in President's Office

Drug Lord, Ruthless and Elusive, Reaches High in Mex


Ravens RB Lewis Sentenced to 4 Months on Cocaine Charge


Some Afghan Farmers Trade Poppy for Wheat

Government Seizes Oil Wells It Says Were Bought With Marijuana Money

Justices Uphold Use of Drug-Sniffing Dogs in Traffic Stops


Drug Makers Hope to Kill the Kick in Pain Relief


War on Peruvian Drugs Takes a Victim: U.S. Asparagus

Racketeering Charges Against Colombians in Huge Cocaine Case


Drug-Fighters Turn to Rising Tide of Prescription Abuse



A Student Aid Ban for Past Drug Use Is Creating a Furor

Police Shoot 2 Men After a Tip About Marijuana in an Apartment

Death of Girl, 16, Spotlights Hard Drugs in New Jersey Suburb

Killings of Vendors in Iraqi City Drive Alcohol Sales Off Streets


U.N. Official in Warning on Afghan Drugs


Texas Court Acts to Clear 38, Almost All Black, in Drug Case


Mexican Drug Agent Killed

Deaths Mount in Thai Drug Crackdown

Fake amphetamines

Addicted elephant


Dell Dude arrested for Marijuana purchase

Grower of Medical Marijuana Is Convicted on Federal Charges

Jurors Who Convicted Marijuana Grower Seek New Trial

Countering drug tests with niacin (vitamin B3) proves dangerous


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