Bayer airs $20 million correction ads for Yaz

old ad

caffeine structure


Coffee Linked to Lower Dementia Risk

Professor's little helper, ethics of cognitive-enhancing drugs


N.F.L. and Union to Strengthen Steroid Testing



F.D.A. Warning Is Issued on EPO Overuse


George Mitchel Baseball Steroid Investigation Begins, but Not Without Some Concerns

Book Details Barry Bonds use of Steroids

Lund 'Not a Cheat,' but Panel Bars from Olympics for Propecia

Athletes Are Facing Increased Vigilance for Blood Doping

Used Syringes Among Items Seized in Raid





How One Pill Escaped the List of Controlled Steroids


At the Derby, Racing Is Facing Its Drug Problem




Selig Seeks Harder Line on Drugs in Baseball

Rincon, 5th Baseball Player Disciplined Under New Steroid Policy

Facing Congress, NFL Expands Its Antidrug Rules

N.B.A. Gives Congress Testing Results




38 Baseball Players Fail Steroid Test




NYTIMES coverage

House Panel Urges One Steroid Policy for All Leagues

Steroids Are Blamed in Suicide of Young Athlete

5 Students Arrested on Steroid Charges

Congress and Baseball Begin Battle Over Steroids

Lawmakers Intensify Their Fight Over Steroids

Six Red Sox Players Tested for Steroid Use

Baseball Delivers Steroids Documents to Congress

Perfect Season to Perfect Storm: Steroids Taint McGwire Legacy

Selig to Testify, but Players Still Resist



Designer Steroid That Avoids Detection Is Found



Estrogen Study Stopped Early Because of Slight Stroke Risk

Effects of Steroids Raise Questions About Users' Awareness


White House Seeks Steroid Use Summit MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and USOC

Tennis Star Federer Supports Drug Tests

Track and Field Eager to Change Reputation

The Wall of Silence Is Crumbling in Baseball

What the N.F.L. Is Doing to Stamp Out Steroid Abuse



Fake Erythpoetin found











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