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NY Times Afghan with poppies and a missile
Drug War

Performance Enhancers

Emerging Diseases

Drugs and the Courts


AIDS contrarian ignored warnings of scientific misconduct

Well-trained immune cells keep HIV in check


Australia Fights Tobacco With Taxes and Plain Packs

Children’s Tylenol and Other Drugs Recalled


Long Lashes Without Prescription, but With Risks

Clinical drug tests adapted for speed

Gut Bacteria Cause Metabolic Syndrome

The Microbes Made Me Eat It


For $520 Million, AstraZeneca Settles Case Over Marketing of Seroquel

Johnson & Johnson to Pay Fine of $81 Million

Mexico: Gun Battle Outside School

Fleeing Drug Violence, Mexicans Pour Into U.S.

22, 700 Killed in Drug Violence in Mexico Since '06

At Least 6 People Abducted in Mexican Hotel Raids

7 Mexican Police Officers Killed in Ciudad Juarez

The Gastric Bypass Pill


Being heavy is bad for your brain.

Is Indoor Tanning Addictive?

Arizona State Settles DNA Case With Tribe

CNBC series on Marijuana & Money


Camel Orbs (Flavored Tobacco Pellets) Are Denounced as a Lure to Young Users

The Estrogen Dilemma

From Dung to Coffee Brew With No Aftertaste

Weighing the Evidence on Exercise

Hallucinogens Have Doctors Tuning In Again

Woods Denies Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

One Marijuana Cigarette May Lead to Deportation

Through Cage Bars, an Exotic Peek Into Drug Wars

Risks Seen in Cholesterol Drug Use in Healthy People


Scientists Say F.D.A. Ignored Radiation Warnings

Legal-Marijuana Advocates Focus on a New Green

U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Afghan Town

U.S. Consular Aide and Husband Killed in Mexico

Fearing Drug Cartels, Reporters in Mexico Retreat

Hired by Customs, but Working for Mexican Cartels

Accelerating HIV vaccine development

Integrase structure solved

Bioengineering: What to make with DNA origami

Sex bias blights drug studies

Women Who Drink Gain Less Weight

Disease Cause Is Pinpointed With Genome

A human gut microbial gene catalogue established

Hiding place for HIV revealed

Tough lessons from Dutch Q fever outbreak


Hopes for Alzheimer’s Drug Are Dashed

Rising Threat of Infections Unfazed by Antibiotics


Behavior: Napping Can Prime the Brain for Learning


Doctor Training Aided by Drug Industry Cash

Controversial Diabetes Drug Harms Heart, U.S. Concludes

Generics Face Longer Wait for Approval

Coded to Obey Law, Lights Become Marlboro Gold

U.S. Asks Justices to Review Tobacco Company Ruling


Drinking to Relieve Stress: Do Relaxation Drinks Send the Wrong Message?


Soda: A Sin We Sip Instead of Smoke?

Childhood Obesity Battle Is Taken Up by First Lady

Neural bases for addictive properties of benzodiazepines

Brain surgery boosts spirituality

Crestor Wins Approval as a Drug to Prevent Heart Disease

Trace of Thought Is Found in ‘Vegetative’ Patient

Lancet Retracts 1998 Paper Linking Autism to Vaccines

The Miracle of Vitamin D: Sound Science, or Hype?

Vitamin D Shows Heart Benefits in Study

F.D.A. Aims at Doctors’ Drug Pitches

Where There’s No Smoke, Altria Hopes There’s Fire

Conversion of fibroblasts to functional neurons

Stem-cell line given the nod by NIH

Studies Link Rare Ailment to Pain Pumps

Los Angeles Marijuana Sellers Limited

In Drug War, Tribe Feels Invaded by Both Sides

Judge Orders F.D.A. to Stop Blocking Imports of E-Cigarettes From China

Obesity Rates Hit Plateau in U.S., Data Suggest

F.D.A. Concerned About Substance in Food Packaging

Creams Offering Lighter Skin May Bring Risks

H1N1 virus

Swine Flu Deaths Reach 11,000

Obama in his youth L. JACK/CONTOUR

FDA gains the power to regulate tobacco products


Vitamins Found to Curb Exercise Benefits


Poppies a Target in Fight Against Taliban

Many Derby Owners Silent on Drug Issue

A.D.H.D. Drugs Linked to Higher Test Scores

New Yorker article

Schools Around the Country Close to Thwart Spread of Flu

First Flu Death Provides Clues to Mexico TollCatching

Flu From Money

Using Where's George to Predict Flu Spread

Mexico Shutting down

Edgar may be first infected

W.H.O. Raises Swine Flu Alert Level to 5

W.H.O. Issues Level 4 Alert on Swine Flu

U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu

170 die in Mexico

tracking cases chart of flu cases in US

Wider Drug War Threatens Colombian Indians

I.Q. Harmed by Epilepsy Drug in Utero


The beneficial side of prions

Carbon dating shows humans make new heart cells

Ocean mercury on the increase


Babson Norovirus Quarentine


Clinton Says U.S. Feeds Mexico Drug Trade

In Drug War, Mexico Fights Cartel and Itself

Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spills Over, Alarming U.S

tucson slide show

Mexico: Trafficker Held in Attacks

Mexico: Son of Cartel Leader Detained




F.D.A. to Place New Limits on Prescriptions of Narcotics











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