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Other Members of the Organic Chemistry Team!

Michael Hearn

Michael Hearn
Title: Professor
Office: Science Center E212
Phone: 781-283-3127
Fax: 781-283-3642
E-mail: mhearn@wellesley.edu

Bio: My teaching duties usually include strong involvement in Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry II, but I also frequently teach at the Introductory Chemistry level. I teach the Organic Seminar in rotation with the other organic chemists of my department. I especially enjoy seeing the progress of students whom I have met in their first year of chemistry as they go on to study organic. I am keenly interested in working with students to help them to make the intellectual connections between chemistry and their other scientific endeavors.

I also enjoy hiking, travel and cinema, especially the films of von Stroheim, Bergman and Kurosawa.

Julia Miwa
Title: Associate Professor
Office: 266A Science Center
Phone: (781) 283-3128 (office)
(781) 283-3132 (lab)
E-mail: jmiwa@wellesley.edu

Bio: My primary teaching interest is organic chemistry. I have taught both semesters of our organic sequence (211 and 313) several times and taught a seminar (Chem 319) on topics in bioorganic chemistry in the spring of 1996 and on combinatorial chemistry in the spring of 2002. I have also taught Introductory Chemistry. I am interested in alternatives to lecture in organic chemistry classes, and in incorporating current research into introductory organic chemistry. I am also interested in computer applications to chemical education, and play around occasionally with Web tutorials for organic chemistry.

Most of my free time is devoted to my husband and my daughters, Elise and Cori. I also enjoy a variety of athletic challenges. In October of 2001, I achieved one of my lifelong goals by completing the Marine Corps Marathon.


Donna Trainor
Title: Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory
Office: 369 Science Center Phone: (781) 283-3219
E-mail: dtrainor@wellesley.edu

Bio: I have been at Wellesley College since 2007. Before coming to Wellesley, I taught organic chemistry and general chemistry at a community college. I also worked in industry for several years, developing polymer and adhesive products.

During my spare time, I enjoy gardening and working crossword puzzles. My husband and I enjoy visiting our three daughters from time to time and exploring new restaurants and museums with them.

Adrian Huang

Adrian Huang
Title: Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory
Office: 180 Science Center
E-mail: ahuang2@wellesley.edu

I received my Ph. D. in chemistry from UCLA, where my research work was focused on the total synthesis of natural products and asymmetric synthesis methodology development.

My higher education started with material science. I did my M. S. E. research work in polymer engineering at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dalian University of Technology. Later I worked as a researcher at DuPont Central R&D, Wilmington, DE.

After my graduation from UCLA, I worked as a medicinal chemist in Wyeth and then Pfizer Pharmaceutical Research. My experience covers the whole drug discovery process: small molecule hit identification from high throughput screens, lead optimization, computer-aided drug design, and development of quality molecules to clinical trials. This experience gave me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge in computational chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and many other areas related to human health.

I am passionate about chemistry and I love to share my knowledge with students. I have taught organic chemistry laboratory and mentored undergraduates. I have been invited to give seminars on medicinal chemistry and green chemistry by several universities.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking in the woods, reading biographies, and playing violin

Jim Moyer

Title: Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory
Office: 147 Science Center
E-mail: jmoyer@wellesley.edu

Although new to Wellesley in 2011, I taught Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry , and General Chemistry Laboratory elsewhere. I currently do not conduct research, but my published research is on cancer biology, enzymology, metabolism, and the discovery of anti-tumor agents. I am a life-long scientist who became interested in Cancer Biology and anti-tumor agents as a PhD student at Yale. After graduating, I worked in cancer research at the National Cancer Institute and then at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, studying how anti-tumor agents work and trying to discover new ones. The drug erlotinib (Tarceva™), used to treat lung cancer, was discovered by my team at Pfizer and is now used worldwide. I also worked on therapeutic antibodies. Now I am focused on teaching to train the next generation of scientists. Among my other interests, I am a student of history, especially the Civil War. I have toured most of the important Battlefields of the Civil War. I also have an interest in woodworking and have made much of our furniture at home.

Amanda McCarthy
Title: Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory
Office: 371 Science Center Phone: (781) 283-3336
E-mail: amccarthy1@wellesley.edu

Bio: I have been teaching labs here since 1995. The teaching I have done here at Wellesley has centered around organic chemistry laboratory. I have also taught our accelerated one semester Introductory Chemistry lab and the 2nd semester lab for our 2-semester Introductory Chemistry course. In the near future, I hope to be involved in the development of our environmental chemistry curriculum, for that is my area of expertise.

In my spare time, I love spending time in Vermont (skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer) with my husband and son.

Dora Carrico-Moniz
Title: Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office: E-124 Science Center Phone: (781) 283-2970
E-mail: dcarrico@wellesley.edu

My research projects involve the use of organic synthesis to prepare novel compounds of medicinal importance. Two areas of research in my laboratory are the design and synthesis of naturally occurring organic molecules and analogues as anticancer agents and the design of therapeutic agents against hepatitis C virus and efficient fluorescent probes for screening of antiviral agents.

Since 2007, I have had the pleasure of mentoring numerous talented Wellesley College women who have made important contributions to these projects. My students and I have shared the findings of our research both within the College and externally.

During my time at Wellesley I have taught courses at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, including Fundamentals of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, and Advanced Organic Chemistry.

I enjoy biking, cooking, traveling, painting, and spending time with my family and friends.

Please visit my website:


David Haines
Title: Professor
Office: SCI 266B
Phone: 781-283-3127
Fax: 781-283-3642
E-mail: dhaines@wellesley.edu

At Wellesley College, I have taught predominantly Organic Chemistry, but have also regularly taught a course in Medicinal Chemistry. I have been intensely involved in undergraduate research, having worked with over 100 students in my labs. My research centers on the synthesis of nucleoside analogs, designed based on predictions about the conformations required for biological activity. I have taken over 40 of these students to American Chemical Society Meeting to present their research.

I also enjoy collecting Quaker books and pamphlets and spending time with my wife Nancy, who owns and runs Vintage Books, a used and antiquarian bookstore in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.