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Thin Layer Chromatography

Melting Point

Simple Distillation

Column Chromatography

Infrared Spectroscopy


Solubility Testing



Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Classification Tests-Halides

Fractional Distillation






ChemDraw is a program for PCs or Macs that helps you draw molecules and other chemical images such as equations and lab apparatus. You can also access chemical data through this program. We will be using this program in Chem 211 and 212 labs to draw molecular structures and equations for your e-labs. If desired, you may also use the clipware contained in the program to make drawings of glass ware and apparatus, in order to enhance your procedures sections. Wellesley College has a site license for this program. ChemDraw is installed on all of the Chemistry Department Computers in SCI 230.

How to Obtain ChemDraw

To download ChemDraw for use on your own computer, go to the CambridgeSoft website:

Once you have entered your Wellesley email address, you’ll be sent a serial number that you will need for the download process. You should also create an account (Register) with CambridgeSoft, using your Wellesley email address and a password. If your serial number does not show up in your inbox within 24 hours, log into your account and click on “My Downloads”. Your serial numbers should be listed there. If your serial number is not listed, contact the Wellesley College Library and Technology Services Help Desk.

Here is a pictorial guide to downloading ChemDraw in 9 easy steps!

Here is a quick guide to using ChemDraw.