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Lab II: Part 1 of 3-Part Dual Unknown Lab

Pre-lab Work

Reading Assignment:

  1. Safety, Laboratory Glassware, & The Laboratory Notebook:
    'Read First' Section & Mohrig
    --Techniques 1-3, pp. 1-33.
  2. Melting Point Determination:
    Appendix & Mohrig
    --Technique 10.1-10.3, & 10.6, pp. 116-123, 125.
  3. Boiling Point Determination:
    Appendix & Mohrig
    --Technique 11.1-11.3, pp. 128-137.

This lab is a multi-week experiment using wet chemical techniques and spectroscopic data to collect physical and chemical property information about two unknowns, a solid and a liquid at room temperature.

Each unknown will contain one or more of the following major functional groups:


The unknown might also contain one of these other functional groups: alkene, alkyne, amide, aromatic, ester, ether, halide, and nitro.

Throughout the semester you will work with your partner to discover the physical properties and possible functional groups that make each unknown unique. From this information, you should be able to identify your unknowns from a list of possible compounds that will be given to you at the end of the 3rd part of this lab (Week VII).

Experimental Work
Objective: To collect preliminary classification and physical property information for
each unknown compound using the following techniques

Melting Point/Boiling Point
Obtain the boiling point of the liquid unknown using simple distillation and the melting point of the solid unknown using a Mel-Temp. Both of these procedures can be found in the Appendix. It is important to record the voltage or power level used when obtaining your melting point. If the wrong voltage or power level is used, the recorded melting point will be incorrect. (Mohrig, Figure 10.5, page 120)

Post-Lab Work
Write a 1-2 sentence summary of today's work. Then, list everything you know about your unknown solid and your unknown liquid.

Carefully prepare for the Week III lab.