Paul Reisberg

Adjunct Assistant Professor Chemistry Department


phone: 781 283 3041

office: Science Center 580


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My son David Marrying Katie

Daughter Kris and Senator Warren

Wife Rachelle

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Religious Thoughts


  • Born in Brooklyn 1951
  • Grew up in Massapequa, N.Y. Seinfeld was in my sister's class
  • Studied chemistry at R.P.I. worried more about Viet Nam than chemistry
  • Graduate work at Rice University in Biochemistry with John S. Olson where I studied hemoglobin
  • Post Doctoral work at Berkeley with Ken Sauer where I did picosecond studies of photosynthesis
  • Married, my wife Rachelle sho works at Northeastern University where she is the Director of Women in Engineering
  • We had two children while I've worked part time for: the Nuclear Freeze, Strategic Simulations Incorporated, Medication Services Incorporated, Cal. St. Univ. at Hayward, Science Discovery Museum and presently Wellesley College


Science Discovery Museum

Personal Interests


I play Table Tennis, Chess, Xiangqi and Go; always looking for a game. On weekends I've been working my way through the Bay Circuit Trail piece by piece.


Mycophilia large chicken mushroom

I played Lazer Wolf in the Open Door Theater's production of Fiddler on the Roof. My daughter was also in the show. I sometimes sing with the Acton Community Chorus and the Sounds of Stow.

Scientific Interests


  In a broad sense I have been interested in "the secrets of life" since I was a child staring for hours through the microscopic watching pond organisms swim around. I wanted to know how chemicals could work together to make up a living thing. So, I went into biochemistry to find out. At the present, I'm particularly fascinated in the origin of life, prebiotic chemistry, early metabolisms, and cellular automata. Molecular modeling, bioenergetics, hemoglobin, photosynthesis and the biochemical treatment of disease are also areas I find especially interesting.


Presently Teaching

Spring 2015 Chem 102 Understanding Drugs