Instructions, System Requirements and Credits

Pulling on the plant shoots to help them grow -- spoil things through impatience

Plug one's ears while stealing a bell -- deceive oneself

Repair the pen after a sheep is lost -- fix the barndoor after the horses have run away

Stand by a stump and wait for rabbits to come -- waiting for money to fall from the sky

Three in the morning and four in the evening -- befool others with tricks

Play the lute to a cow -- to have the wrong audience

The man of Qi who fears that the sky might fall -- entertain imaginary or groundless fears

Draw a snake and add feet to it -- ruin the effect by adding what is superfluous

Dongshi imitates -- blind imitation leads to the opposite effect

The Foolish Old Man removes the mountains -- where there's a will, there's a way

The same person has both a spear and a shield -- beat oneself with one's own staff

Look at flowers while riding on horseback -- gain a superficial understanding through cursory observation

The old frontiersman loses his horse -- misfortune may be a blessing in disguise

Shoot two hawks with one arrow -- kill two birds with one stone

Flowers cascade from the sky -- give an extravagant description of something