Professor Weina Zhao


Instructions for the
Chinese Listening Comprehension Workbook


The purpose of these lessons is to practice listening to conversations between native speakers. To enable you to assess your own comprehension, there are 3 to 7 questions with each conversation. Feel free to listen to the conversation as many times as you like.

To get the most benefit from this on-line workbook : If your answer is not the same as the teacher's, be sure to listen to the conversation again, until you agree with the teacher's response.



STEP 1: Allow the page to fully load.

STEP 2: Listen to the conversation by clicking on the picture. Repeat using the control bar that appears below the photo.


STEP 3: Listen to the Question.

STEP 4: Listen to the possible answers.

STEP 5: Select an answer by clicking on the button, shown by the arrow.



Legend for Quicktime Controls: 

Play button

Stop button (Appears when movie is playing)

Jump forward or back


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