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History of Development and Maintenance




January 2000

Publication of Lessons 11-18

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Laura Hwang

Nov 1999

Publication of Lessons 6-10 for course

Sept 1999

Publication of Lessons 1-3 for testing

Development of multimedia conversations for each situation.

J.Lund & Dianne McCorry, Susie Hwang, Eliza Choo

Casting and shooting of photos for additional situations.


Summer 1999

Standardized method for development of MM files.


Synchronized sound files and images. Annotated situations for casting.

Pui Yan Lam, Frances Lee

Modified templates for each situation in each lesson.

CJ Minster

Compressed audio files for questions & answers.

CJ Minster

Created template from standard module.


Initial set of photos

Cindy Yu and Frances Lee, talents. J.Lund, photographer.

Spring 1999

Development of html files of standard module &documentation of process to tailor modules for each situation.


Designed & prototyped Version 4 Conversation: Pairs of Stills


Digitized audio files for questions & answers.

Jeanna Kim '99

Designed and prototyped Version 3 conversations: Stop-action video

Anne Hong '00

January 1999

Prototyped & developed html for navigation between modules. Prototyped Version 2 of Conversations: Switching portraits.

Tracey Prout '99

Fall 1998

Digitized & compressed audio files for dialogues

Kenny Freundlich &

Summer 1998

Prototyped & developed html for navigation within a situation frameset.

Anne Sterman '98

Spring 1998

User interface design

Jenni Lund & E. Lowe '98

Recording speakers on audio tape. Recording of Version 1 of conversations on video tape.

Elizabeth Lowe '98

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