Econ 201
Econ 222
Econ 305
Econ 314


201: Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
This course follows Econ 101 in the microeconomics core sequence. Analysis focuses on individual households and firms as well as on market structure. Emphasis on application of theoretical methodology.

ECONOMICS 222: Games of Strategy
This course introduces basic concepts and insights of game theory as tools for understanding situations in which strategic decisions are made. Emphasis on applications rather than formal theory; extensive use of "real world" examples and in-class experiments.

ECONOMICS 305: Industrial Organization
This is a course in applied microeconomics. Topics include analysis of imperfectly competitive markets, strategic behavior of firms, and antitrust policy attempts to improve industrial performance.

ECONOMICS 314: International Trade Theory
This course covers the theoretical analysis of international trade. Topics include models of comparative advantage, gains from trade, the role of scale economics, and strategic trade policy.


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