ARTS 313 Virtual Form Spring 2018

Animated Shorts - Checklist for Analysis
1. Why make this an animated short? Could this have been produced as effectively in live action?
2. Did you enjoy watching this short? Did you lose interest at any point in the story?
3. How would you rate the quality of the motion re. action and acting? How could it have been improved re. weight and squash and stretch? Other principles? Did you suspend disbelief?
4. Did the character design best suit the story? Did the character design and the motion support the story? Anything extraneous?
5. Was the story clear? extraneous items?
6. Was the setting clear? extraneous items?
7. What was the armature? Was it clear and easy to understand?
8. Did the lighting support or detract from the story? Anything extraneous or seem out of place?
9. Did the composition and other aesthetic elements (color, surface shading, efx) support the story? If not, what stuck out?
10. How did the timing and pacing of the story, including the camera shift(s) and angle(s)?
11. Was the setting clear and well designed? Was the space understandable?
12. Were there any obvious render problems?
13. Overall, how would you rate this short?
14. What would you correct first? After answering these questions, what (new) approaches will you attempt for your own animated short?
15. How can you now best plan your group and individual meetings to ensure that you will complete your work by the imposed deadline?