David Teng Olsen, Chasing Inifinity, 2012, 5 channel interactive multi-media installation

Olsen voyaged across the country with the purpose of experiencing the most inspiring natural landscapes. While at these sites,
the artist filmed, photographed, and drew on-location in response to his physical experience within these settings. Olsen’s feelings
of existentialism and the affect of nature’s influence on the human emotion are represented in a new series of work, Chasing Infinity.
Inspired by the surfacing of the artist’s childhood memories in response to these environments, Olsen comments on a distinct
memory linked to location. His family vacationed in Pyramid Lake, a surreal place just north of Las Vegas where his father instructed him
on how to survive if the US was under attack. As the artist travelled, his memories were re-told like stories, triggering responses and
acting as a platform for drawing infinite connections between the artist’s past and present. Chasing Infinity discovers the never-ending
relationship between human life and nature. 

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