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Vision and Art is an emerging inter-disciplinary field with two goals: first, to examine art in order to shape hypotheses about how our brains process visual information; and second, to use information about neural processing to inform our understanding of art and the practice of making art. The field bridges physics, physiology, neurobiology, perception, psychology, philosophy, art history and studio art. The Vision and Art course at Wellesley creates a learner-centered active environment for students to engage directly with the material through hands-on laboratory exercises, interactive lectures and discussions, class field trips, and independent student projects. The course is composed of students from diverse backgrounds and concentrations, which demands advanced communication and group-work skills that enriches the course experience for everyone. Interested students are welcome to contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bevil Conway
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

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Learn what the course involves and whether Vision & Art is right for you; read about the Vision & Art class in the news
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