Wellesley School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Graduating seniors Alex Nagourney '13, Mariami Bekauri '13 and Rachel Zizza '13 celebrate with some liquid nitrogen ice cream. Laser cooling: Rita Lam '09 adjusts a magneto-optical trap for cooling rubidium atoms to a temperature of 300 K. Lily Zhang '12 and Ijeoma Ekeh '12 with their open cavity helium neon laser. Science Center Focus at night Tiffany Lin '12 and Irene Roman '13 explain how 3D glasses work. Bifurcation diagram for our chaotic pendulum, drawn by Rachel Zizza '13. Experimental Physics, Wellesley College, 1895 Experimental Physics, Wellesley College, 2012 Justine Mesnard fills a cryopump for the gas effusion experiment. Teddy bear bungee jumping contest Pendleton East, the Physics Department's ancestral home on the academic quad. Liquid nitrogen ice cream to celebrate the last day of classes. Holiday photoshoot: Zily Zhang '12, Elena Quijano '13, Mariami Bekauri '13, & Rachel Zizza '13 Lucy Archer '12 and a Poinacre plot obtained from the chaotic pendulum experiment. Prof. Robbie Berg with low cost adjustable focal length glasses, courtesy of Debbie Tien '12. Rita Lam '09 & Amila Hadziomerspahic '10 Prof. Glenn Stark and Lily Zhang '12 applying a new coat of Idea Paint. Blue foam tower contest at the Madeline Albright '59 Institute, January 2012. Lily Zhang '12 and Tiffany Lin '12, measuring the low temperature heat capacity of copper. Susan Tse '07 & Katy Moyer '07 at Physics Majors Senior Dinner Team Physics
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